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  • ASAHI BearingASAHI Asahi Seiko Co., Ltd was founded in 1928 which only produced bearings. In 1958, it became the first manufacturer which produced pillow block bearing in Japan and is Japanese professional manufacturer producing pillow block bearing currently. Since then, as a pioneer, the company has been committed to form quality standards standardization of pillow block bearing. Since 1975, the company began to produce other new products, such as linear motion products ...
  • IKO BearingCorrect installation of IKO bearing is to guarantee its long service life. Many people who do not have professional knowledge about the installation of IKO bearing will easily cause improper installation of bearing and are prone to occur mechanical operation accident. Generally, the installation of IKO bearing depends on its structure, size, installation part and its cloud properties. During the installation, pressure is directly added to the surface of ferrule which must be vertical pressure rather than exerting pressure through rotating the rolling element.
  • INA BearingWhen INA bearing is under radial loads and has poor grease performance, we can hear some noise at the beginning of running. It is because that rolling element suddenly accelerates and collides with the cage after rolling element leaves the loading area. This crash is inevitable but it will disappear after running for a period of time.
  • KOYO BearingWhen checking the disassembled KOYO bearing, we firstly record the appearance of bearing and confirm the content of residual lubricant. After sampling, clean the KOYO bearing with commonly used gasoline and kerosene. The cleaning of KOYO bearing consists of rough cleaning and fine cleaning. We can put metal net in the container, so that the bearing not directly contact with the dirt in the container.
  • NACHI BearingNACHI bearing can be divided into the following types according to its size:
    Miniature size bearing which the range of nominal outer diameter size is below 26mm.
    Small size bearing which the range of nominal outer diameter size is 28 to 55mm.
    Small and medium size bearing which the range of nominal outer diameter size is 60 to 115mm.
  • NSK BearingGrease is indispensable in the work and maintenance of imported NSK bearing. Thanks to its good adhesion, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and lubricity, grease can improve the high temperature oxidation resistance, mechanical wear, pressure and corrosion resistance of NSK bearing, and it can delay aging, dissolve carbon deposits and prevent metal wear debris and oil from gathering.
  • NTN BearingWe should check the surface of NTN imported bearing before using it, thus determining whether the bearing can meet our requirements and standards. The examination of bearing surface should be operated in astigmatism lamp, and we need to make a detailed inspection on the rift and surface of the bearing.
  • TIMKEN BearingWe should not open the package until the installation because TIMKEN bearing has been processed by antirust and packaged. Besides, the antirust oil coated on the bearing has good lubricating performance, so TIMKEN bearing can be directly used for cleaning. However, in terms of instrument bearing and high-speed rotation bearing, we need to use cleaning oil to wash away antirust oil.
Main Products
  • Spherical Roller BearingsSpherical roller bearing locates between the inner ring with two grooves and the outer ring with a spherical surface. The product assembles the drum-shaped roller. It has two rows of rollers mainly bearing radial load and the axial load in either direction. Our product has a high radial load capacity which is especially suitable for heavy load or vibration load. But it is unable to bear the pure axial load.
    Spherical roller bearing has good aligning performance and can compensate the coaxial error due ...
  • Tapered Roller BearingsTapered roller bearings consist of inner ring, roller, cage and outer ring which can all be installed and separated respectively. The product can withstand heavy radial and axial load, and it can be divided into single row tapered roller bearing, double row tapered roller bearing and four row tapered roller bearing according to the row number of roller. The types of bearings produced by our company are as follows:
    302 series: 30202 to 30256 ...