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INA Bearing

When INA bearing is under radial loads and has poor grease performance, we can hear some noise at the beginning of running. It is because that rolling element suddenly accelerates and collides with the cage after rolling element leaves the loading area. This crash is inevitable but it will disappear after running for a period of time.

Measures of Avoiding the Cage Noise
1. In order to ensure the operation stability of cage, we should try our best to use the ferrule boot mode and pay attention to give sufficient lubrication to the guide surface. Also, we improve the bearing structure by changing the L type cage guided by rollers into Z type cage guided by sleeve wall.
2. When the bearing rotates with a high speed, cage vibration amplitude of imported bearings with large pocket hole clearance is far larger than the bearings with small pocket hole clearance. Therefore, the figure of pocket hole clearance is particularly important.
3. We should pay attention to reduce the radial internal clearance.
4. We can try to improve manufacturing accuracy and surface quality of the cage, thus beneficially reducing the noise caused by collision or friction between the rolling element and the cage.
5. It is a good method to use advanced cleaning technology to effectively clean spare parts and fitting products, thus improving the bearing cleanliness.
6. The rolling element adopts the vibration mode.

Main Products
  • NUP Type Cylindrical Roller BearingThe outer ring of NUP type cylindrical roller bearing has double outer walls while the inner ring has one fixed inner wall and the other is detachable flat ring. It can endure a certain amount of bidirectional axial load. The product can limit the axial displacements of two directions between the axle and bearing block, thus applying to be used as a stationary end bearing. NUP type cylindrical roller bearing has large radial load capacity and is applicable to bear heavy load and shock load. It is line contact between the roller and raceway
  • Full Complement Cylindrical Roller BearingFull complement cylindrical roller bearing is designed to bear heavy load. In the same width, the bearing has superhigh bearing capacity and small radial section and it can save space, but its speed is relatively low. In order to make the bearing working normally, the product must be subjected to a certain minimum load, namely C/P < 25, in continuous operation condition. Otherwise it will aggravates wear because of lack of lubrication and high speed operation. All multi-row cylindrical roller bearings has a lubricating groove ...