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KOYO Bearing

With the development of society, mechanization is widely used in the production and life. As an indispensable part of machinery, KOYO bearing is becoming more and more useful in many areas. Since the bearing has the function of mainly support and reducing friction, Accuracy and noise of our KOYO bearings are directly related to the use of machinery and its lifespan. Therefore, the use and selection of bearing are quite important. The following will be mainly on the use and analysis of a wide range of deep groove ball bearings.

When checking the disassembled KOYO bearing, we firstly record the appearance of bearing and confirm the content of residual lubricant. After sampling, clean the KOYO bearing with commonly used gasoline and kerosene. The cleaning of KOYO bearing consists of rough cleaning and fine cleaning. We can put metal net in the container, so that the bearing not directly contact with the dirt in the container. During the rough cleaning, it will damage the bearing rolling surface if the bearing rotates with dirt, so we should remove lubricating grease and adhesive material in the rough cleaning oil. After that, KOYO bearing is carefully cleaned in cleaning oil while rotating during the fine cleaning. In addition, cleaning oil should be changed frequently to keep clean.

Inspection and Judgement of KOYO Bearing
After the cleaning, we should carefully check the raceway surface, rolling surface, mating surface, the wear of cage, bearing clearance and dimensional accuracy of KOYO bearing to determine whether it can be used or not. In terms of the non separation type small ball bearing, hold the inner ring and rotate the outer ring to confirm whether it is smooth.

In comparison, we can examine the rolling surface of rolling element and outer ring respectively in terms of the separation type bearing, such as tapered roller bearing. As for the large bearing, check the appearance of rolling element, the raceway surface, the cage, wall surface. We can decide whether KOYO bearing can be used again according to degree of damage, mechanical property, importance, operation condition, period of inspection and other related factors.

The bearing cannot be used and need to be replaced by new KOYO bearing if it has the following defects during the inspection:
1. Any one of the inner ring, outer ring, sleeve, rolling element and the cage has crack or notch.
2. Rolling surface, raceway surface, wall and rolling element have obvious scratches, corrosion or damage.
3. The cage is apparently worn or the rivet is obviously loosening.
4. The inner diameter surface or the outer diameter surface has obvious creep.
5. The KOYO bearing has apparent discoloration due to overheat temperature.
6. Seal ring or dust cover of grease sealed KOYO bearings is greatly damaged.

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