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NSK Bearing

Grease is indispensable in the work and maintenance of imported NSK bearing. Thanks to its good adhesion, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and lubricity, grease can improve the high temperature oxidation resistance, mechanical wear, pressure and corrosion resistance of NSK bearing, and it can delay aging, dissolve carbon deposits and prevent metal wear debris and oil from gathering.

However, the amount of grease should be appropriate. Excess grease will actually have a lot of harm during the maintenance of NSK bearing. If the amount of grease is larger, the bearing will have greater friction torque and higher temperature. Friction torque and rising temperature of sealed bearing is larger than the open bearing with the same amount of grease.

When the filled grease volume amounts to 60% of bearing internal space volume, the friction torque is no longer increase. It is because that most of the grease in the open bearing has been squeezed out and the grease in sealed bearings has also been lost. Generally, the volume of grease filled in the sealed rolling bearing can up to about 50% of interior space while Hawki and Mokhtar experiments show that the most suitable ratio of grease in the ball bearings is 20% to 30%.

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