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NTN Bearing

We should check the surface of NTN imported bearing before using it, thus determining whether the bearing can meet our requirements and standards. The examination of bearing surface should be operated in astigmatism lamp, and we need to make a detailed inspection on the rift and surface of the bearing.

Problems and Solutions of NTN Bearing
We can use sound measuring device to reflect the rolling sound and quality of sound of NTU bearing even when bearing has minor stripping and other damage, and the sound measuring device can also distinguish abnormal sound and uneven tone.

Bearing vibration is very sensitive to the bearing damage, such as spall, indentation, corrosion, abrasion and crack of bearings. Therefore, we can use the NTN bearing vibration measuring device to measure detailed information of vibration and speculate the abnormal status. The measured value varies due to the differences of the use of bearing or sensor installation position, thus demanding a discrimination criterion before measuring.

The normal temperature of bearings varies due to the differences of mechanical heat capacity, heat flux, speed and load. Generally, bearing temperature rises along with the operation of bearing and remains in unchanged form after 1-2 hours. Thanks to the influence of smoothness, speed and load on temperature, NTN bearing has a limited range of temperature. Thermal sensor can monitor the bearing working temperature at any time and alarm actively or suspend bearing operation when the temperature exceeds the limited temperature.

Lubrication has important implications on the fatigue life and friction, wear, temperature and vibration of NTN imported bearing. Bearing will not work if there is no normal lubrication. The analysis of damaged bearings shows that about 40% of the damaged bearings have poor lubrication. Therefore, good lubrication of bearing is an effective measure to reduce friction and wear.

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