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TIMKEN Bearing

We should not open the package until the installation because TIMKEN bearing has been processed by antirust and packaged. Besides, the antirust oil coated on the bearing has good lubricating performance, so TIMKEN bearing can be directly used for cleaning. However, in terms of instrument bearing and high-speed rotation bearing, we need to use cleaning oil to wash away antirust oil. Meanwhile, the bearing cannot be placed for a long time because it can easily rust.

During the inspection of shafts and shells, we need to clean the bearings and shells and confirm there is no scar or machining burr left. Also, we should absolutely confirm that there is no grinding agent, sand and chip in the shell. Method of installing TIMKEN bearing varies according to its bearing matching requirements and structures of bearing. Generally, inner ring often adopts over surplus fit since the bearing is mainly of axis rotation. When installation of shells, the bearing has more clearance cooperation and the outer ring has over surplus fit. Bearing often adopts the installation of pressing with the help of press machine or uses shrink fit method of installation. During the shrink fit installation, the moisture in the air will condense on the bearing surface, so we need some appropriate anticorrosive measures.

After considering degree of damage, mechanical property, importance, operation condition of TIMKEN bearing, we can decide whether the bearing can be used again.

The bearing cannot be used and need to be replaced by new TIMKEN bearing if it has the following defects during the inspection:
1. Any one of the inner ring, outer ring, sleeve, rolling element and the cage has crack or notch.
2. Rolling surface, raceway surface, wall and rolling element have obvious scratches, corrosion or damage.
3. The cage is apparently worn or the rivet is obviously loosening.
4. The inner diameter surface or the outer diameter surface has obvious creep.
5. The TIMKEN bearing has apparent discoloration due to overheat temperature.
6. Seal ring or dust cover of grease sealed TIMKEN bearings is greatly damaged.

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